The Adventure Of The Year…!

Hello all, it appears i haven’t been very active this year with my Blog… 🙁 I’ve been rather busy recently, back in March I had an operation and April/May consisted of Exams and my Dissertation! However its all good now, I’m a free man, to do what i want now! :d


This Friday is the beginning of the EuroTrip which has been in the pipeline for the past 4 weeks! 🙂 the first stop off will be in the Netherlands for the weekend! HHHMMM a whole weekend in Amsterdam, this could be messy, 😉 from Amsterdam we plan to cruise up to Göteborg in Sweden to pick up some of the boys! Hopefully I will update this very shortly!
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Well its that time… My brother (Paul) and his girlfriend (Laura) are jetting off on their year long adventure today!

Much Love Guys, 🙂 Take Care!

New Webhost…

Hi all, I know its not interesting but I’ve just changed web-host today, so you may struggle to get in contact with me for a the next 24 hours as all the DNS servers need updating… Here’s the link to the guys anyway, … Also, I’ve updated the Gallery with a few Retro Photos, I’ll try and stick up some recent photos on here too, :)