End Of An Era…

Hi all, just to say I am finally leaving Magic & Sparkle… I’ve been there five years now and its really time I should move on and start using that degree I earnt! 😉

My next job will be at Barker Brettell in Birmingham, who focus on providing services related to Patents, Trademarks and Copyrighted materials… I will be working within their IT Department and my intial job title will be an IT Support Assistant!

Yippy!  As for now I have two days left at Marks And Spencer so I best make the most of my discount, 😉 hehe!

Best shoot

Update… Again?!?

Hi all, as I said before I am trying to update my Blogage more often so here goes…

Friday 17th August was the start of a great weekend at V-Festival in Weston Park, on the Saturday and Sunday I got the opportunity to listen to some cracking tunes, I was impressed by the performances, 😉 I’ve got some rather interesting pictures, I have a few of a Fish, but they should really be censored, 😉

This week and last week I have been going for job interviews, I’ve been asked back for a second interview tomorrow, so fingers crossed, 🙂 as it stands I am actively seeking a new job, as I need a change and a real income now, especially if I want to get the Camper Van fund going, as it stands it has £50 in lol! Hopefully I will be in a new job before Christmas, I don’t particularly want to work at Marks & Spencer for Christmas, as that would be rather Vile!

Over & Out!