In the past year there have been quite a few changes to my life, some certainly for the better and others not so good. One of the positives that’s come out of everything is that I’ve become quite a bit fitter by taking up running. Last year I took part in 10K Birmingham run in April 2016, the 10K Black Country Run and the Birmingham Half Marathon in October 2016. I didn’t exactly post jaw dropping times, however I’m halfway there as one of my goals in life is to complete at least one Marathon. This year I’ve decided to sign up for Tough Mudder which can only be described as 12 miles of torture. Whilst I’m at it I mayt as will sign up for the Birmingham International Marathon, so I’ve got that to look forward to in October. Over the coming months I’m going to take part in a few more organised events as I really need to get some proper training in if I’m going to post an acceptable time.

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