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  1. Adrian Burns

    Great post Dave

    I would like to ask what the best method would be to configure my cisco 877 adsl router to have multiple firewalls installed in parallel behind the cisco 877 router. I have a multiple public IP’s and I wish to assign a public ip to the cisco 877 router and each firewall behind the router. Each firewall is from a different vendor and is being used for testing purposes.

    ISP Gateway IP >> Cisco 877 Public IP 1 >> FW1 Public IP 2 >> FW1 LAN IP Subnet 1

    ISP Gateway IP >> Cisco 877 Public IP 1 >> FW2 Public IP 3 >> FW2 LAN IP Subnet 2

    ISP Gateway IP >> Cisco 877 Public IP 1 >> FW3 Public IP 4 >> FW3 LAN IP Subnet 3

    Diagram attached

    My aims are to:

    Manage the 877 router from Network 1 only using secure protocols i.e. ssh and https

    Nat performed by each firewall

    Create a SSL/IPSEC VPN to each firewall for testing.

    Many thanks for your help


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